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Does the “no” that you heard as a child
make you say “no” to yourself today?
Are you ready to put the past behind you?

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Dear Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

What if I told you that many of the blockages you are experiencing today,
have to do with experiences in your past?
Consciously or unconsciously you want to protect yourself from feeling pain that you experienced before.

Heal your inner child


Unfortunately, many of us experience lack as children, leaving essential desires unfulfilled.

  • It may be through parents who were too busy working, were emotionally unavailable, or psychologically unable to give what they themselves never received.
  • Through seeing or experiencing financial lack. Insecurity. Loss. Separation. Injustice. Addictions. Death. Pain. Fear. Grief.
  • And not being seen and heard in that as a child.

That continues to play out in our adult lives.
In relationships, in communication, in entrepreneurship.
In not taking full control of your potential.

You can grow through this.
To “I am good enough.” “I can do this.” “I am more than good enough.”
And from there take control of your present and future. From self love and self-confidence.

It doesn’t have to continue to feel so heavy.

You can’t erase the past, but it no longer has to define you.

With this individual coaching package you learn
to create inner security, confidence and freedom.

Recently I had booked an appointment with Veerle for a session regarding discovering and getting in touch with my inner child.

I wanted to discuss certain topics and Veerle is someone I feel confident to do this with. She allows space for what comes and doesn’t come and I love going through the process with her.

Beforehand, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but that became all the more clear when the session started. Veerle explained everything very clearly so that throughout the session I was well aware of what was coming. The exercise was definitely an eye opener for me and was presented very well – step by step.

The session made me calmer and realize that, in a moment of struggle, I actually have enough to fall back on. It makes me feel less alone and more supported – by myself.
It brought and is still bringing me closer to myself.
I also feel more connected to the past. If we hadn’t worked together, the past would be more of a distant and blurry thing. I would be much less in touch with it and not use it as a possible resource

And even though it is about a sensitive topic where openness is very important, at every moment I trusted the process thanks to Veerle’s guidance. From beginning to end I felt at ease and she made sure there was room for everything.

Highly recommended for those who would like to be more connected to themselves!”
There is still so much to discover and Veerle is the right person to explore with. Cheerful, open, caring, with spirit 🙂 and trustworthy.


Youth worker

Very often it appears that something from your past history has made such an impression on you,
that it consciously or unconsciously sends you in a certain direction.
Not the direction you would actually like to go.

Do you recognize this?


  • Pleasing others sometimes seems like your second nature. It gives nice effects, because it makes you “likeable”. However, more and more often it also makes you feel exhausted, as if you have given yourself “empty”.
  • You sometimes feel blocked by thoughts like “Who am I to do this?” Imposter Syndrome. Despite positive feedback from clients and those around you, you continue to feel that others are better than you.
  • You continue to find it difficult to set your price.
    You do give a lot of value, but don’t dare set your price accordingly.
  • Maybe you’ve taken many courses and still don’t get moving. Maybe you are just starting out and realize that your past is holding you back.
  • You do not dare to make yourself visible. You are afraid to be “too much” or just “not enough”.
    Because… “What will people say?”
  • Voices from the past keep popping up in the present. As if those experiences from back then still seem to have a firm grip on you.

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above?
Then be sure to read on 😉

Clean up inner blockages
Take control of your future
And leave the past behind you

Would you rather…?


  • Set healthy boundaries so you can be more connected to your own needs, your body’s wisdom and your natural flow?
  • Feel more confident, self love and balance? No longer feeling inferior in your relationships and communication?
  • More peace and space in your head during challenging situations?
  • Feel more daring to take ownership for your future?
    Feel good about yourself, your price, your goals, your achievements?
    So that you dare to sell, dare to raise your price, dare to take decisions. Dare to choose for yourself.
    Set your price so that you can easily pay your expenses and still do nice things?
  • Feel confident that you are good enough.
    So that you consistently show up for your dreams, yourself and your business?
    So you can run your business the way YOU want it to be run?

“Confidence is not I’m better than her. Confidence is I’m great, so is she.”
– Lisa Bilyeu

Grow in self-confidence and courage,
so that you can stand firm in yourself,
even if you experience a little headwind..

How does it work practically?

We always start with a free discovery call, to determine if there is a match. Whether I am the right coach for you and whether you are the right client for me. This way we can get acquainted, discuss your desires, challenges and questions.
Where do you want to go and how can I help you getting there?
After the call you decide if you want to continue with me as a coach.

If there is a match you will receive payment information. After you have made your payment we can schedule your first session.

We will work together for 4 private coaching sessions of 2 hours each. This gives us the time, space and safety to work in depth.
We go beyond cognitive coaching. Each person is unique and each coaching session is unique. We will sometimes work with constellations or bodybased trauma work. This way we get to the essence of what it’s really about and what is still holding you back. We will gently and vigorously heal, release and free that. So that you consistently show up for yourself, your dreams and your business.

    You will get:

    Free Discovery Call

    30 minutes via zoom,
    getting acquainted
    and go through questions.

    4 Private sessies

    Een combination of systemic constellations, bodybased traumawork and other tools.

    Action plan

    Individual approach so you can integrate your insights into your life as well.

    Inner Child Meditation

    You take responsibility for your own destiny, rather than bearing that of your family.

    Systemic Constellations

    Through constellation work you will discover the essence of what really matters. So that you can leave behind what has held you in its grip for so long.

    Bodybased Traumawork

    Your body as a portal to deeper healing and insight. To heal unprocessed trauma gently and lovingly.

    Temporarily for only 797 euro!


    Where do the sessions take place?

    The coaching sessions are online, via zoom. No travel time, traffic jams, displacement, parking fees or circulation plan. We connect our screens so we can see each other.

    Time and again I hear that people appreciate that they can be coached from home, even though they may have had some doubts about this at the beginning of a process.

    We work online, and yet very personally. The feedback I have received on this is extremely positive. Do not let this stop you. You will be coached in a place that feels safe and familiar to you.

    Can be in your power outfit, can also be in your pajamas 😉

    Why is the price so much lower than the actual cost?

    The current Corona chaos triggers feelings of anxiety, loneliness and despondency for many people.
    Are you one of them?

    Often a crisis first makes you feel overwhelmed and then slow down. You start to question and look deeper.
    Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…. Who are you and who do you want to be?

    I know from experience, with myself and with clients, that systemic constellations, bodybased trauma work and other self-liberating coaching tools help very well. They bring clarity, inner strength, self-love, self-confidence. Short-term breakthroughs with long-term effects.

    With this individual coaching program you learn to create inner security and freedom and therefore to stand firm in yourself during these challenging times.

    Hoe loopt het praktisch?

    We always start with a free Discovery Call.
    So together we can see if I as a coach can help you further with what you are looking for.

    After the intake you can register for the program and you will receive a payment order. Once this is completed we can schedule your first session.
    Your first session can usually be scheduled within 2 to 3 weeks.

    The next sessions are scheduled at your own pace. For most clients this is every 4 weeks, but you are free to choose the frequency yourself, according to your needs and preferences.

    What is your method? How do you work?

    We always meet first during a free Discovery Call. There you can express your questions and expectations, and I can get to know your needs. This way we can determine if I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me.
    Afterwards we decide if we will continue working together.

    I’m an expert in facilitating the growth process, and you are the expert of you and your life. In our coachings we enter into a partnership. We determine goals, regularly align with them, discuss what you would like to do and what is still holding you back. A combination of tuning in & aligned action.

    A session takes about 2 hours. This allows us to land quietly, connect with each other, and then go into depth so you can sparkle afterwards.
    We go beyond cognitive coaching.

    I have been fortunate to be able to learn from experts at home and abroad. That gives me a lot of experience and tools in my coaching backpack. Every year I attend more in-depth training courses to continue to grow myself and to support my clients optimally.

    Every person is unique. Every coaching session is unique.
    I tune into you beforehand and also engage in dialogue with you about where you can take steps.

    Some tools I often use are:

    Meditation, because that allows you to sink deeper into yourself and speak and act more from your core.
    Systemic constellations help you to understand an issue in a broader context. With few words you discover the essence of what really matters.
    Bodybased trauma work, because much wisdom is stored in your body, and your body is often the portal to deeper healing, insight and direction.
    Heartfulness allows results to be celebrated and success experiences to be appreciated, so that self-confidence can grow. It also creates a solid foundation to take on challenges and growth opportunities.
    Communication. Connective Leadership, Nonviolent Communication, Marketing & Communication… My passion. And often your path between where you are now and where you would like to be.

    I still have a little doubt, am not quite sure if this suits me. Can I have a chat with you?

    Sure, sign up here for a free Discovery Call.

    You can discuss your questions and expectations with me personally via Zoom. This way we can get to know each other.

    This first conversation is free and without obligation. Afterwards you decide whether you want to continue working with me as a coach.

    Do you prefer to consult first in a personal conversation?

    30 minutes online (zoom)


    It’s important to me that you feel safety and trust with me.
    This way, we can already get to know each other a little.

    This first conversation is free of charge and without obligation.
    We discuss how you would like to grow.
    I tell you how I can support you with that and answer your questions.

    Afterwards you decide whether it feels good and if you want to continue working with me as your coach.

    Book a free Discovery Call

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