Smartly grow your business

Create the dream life you long for


Reach more people
in a soul-aligned & authentic way,
while you gain time and make more money

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Do you recognize this?

You’ve lost track of what’s going on

You’re enthusiastic and committed but… “How am I going to do this?
You know too little about marketing

Overwhelmed & overstimulated

You put off much-needed decisions to strategically scale your business because “Where to start?”

Work-life-balance is hard to find

Your limit does feel close. You have already achieved great results but it all took a lot of work.

Firefighting ad hoc hassards

You work late at night, over the weekend. You can’t sleep because of the many ideas that you’re not implementing.

How to scale up smartly?

You want more, reach more people and help more clients.
You want to grow more, but not at any cost.

There is another way

Scheduling milestones and ticking them off successfully

With a coach with whom you can tune in and determine focus. Someone who keeps you accountable.

Take smart steps

to level up your business.
You consitently show up for yourself and your business.
You dare to go for what you really want. 

Claim your evenings back

At the end of your working day you contently turn off your laptop, ready to cook and cuddle up with family, and/or yourself during your yoga class. 

Face challenges

You are beaming with deep satisfaction because you are no longer avoiding challenges. Free yourself from patterns that no longer serve you.

In control again

Like a true leader. Ready to make even more impact with a strong and strategic marketing & business plan that feels good & gives you confidence.

With the right systems, structure & mindset in your business,
you reach your financial goals, create more freedom ànd you gain more time

which allows you to you create the life you want, on your terms.

Highly sensitive entrepreneurship


For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me.
I felt like I was “too sensitive” when I compared myself with “others that were more successful”. I seemed to lack the energy to do what they did.

Finding your way as an HSP in the entrepreneurial landscape can be quite a challenging journey.

Fortunately, it’s also interesting. Fun and exciting. Heartwarming, soul enriching and deeply satisfying.

Because along the way, you can decide to stay closer to yourself and do things your way.
There is no need to do it the way others do. 


Allow yourself to be a little bit complicated and different.

The closer you stay to yourself, the more you come into flow with life.
The more you say no to expectations of others,
the more you say yes to yourself and what success means to you.

Many highly sensitive persons:

Can easily empathize with the emotions of others

Learn to say no and protect yourself with healthy boundaries so you can connect with those you choose; your ideal clients. In this way, your high sensitivity becomes a strength because you choose where to use it.

🗝 It gives you empathy as a superpower.


Are more likely to have a higher sense of responsibility

This might make you more susceptible to fear of failure, perfectionism and imposter syndrome.
You can grow in elegant self-confidence. You can discover and feel through that what you are doing is good.

🗝 Your higher sense of responsibility also makes you reliable, in who you are and in the quality you bring.


Feel more, deeper, more nuanced

You probably have a strong intuition and feel deep in your soul that you have a mission, a higher purpose, to contribute to a more beautiful world.

🗝 I help you translate that mission so you touch hearts on social media and beyond, and earn good money in the meantime.


Only reach their full potential around people who feel safe to them

When you work together in a nice climate with clients who you like, it can feel like you get wings from your job.

🗝 Marketing helps you attract those right clients.


Need to consciously manage their energy

Give space to your creativity by listening to the needs of your body, ideal flow schedule and cycle.

🗝 Energy management can be learned. Automations help protect your energy.

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re just a little different. Highly sensitive.

As a HSP it’s important to work with a coach who understands your energy and sensitivity.

Those traits that you may have previously thought were “abnormal”
are actually the key to your success.
I’m happy to show you how.

This is what you’ll get when you work with me:

Marketing Mentor

  • Automize & optimize your marketing so you can reach more people, and protect your energy at the same time.
  • Take smarts steps, instead of doing everything that’s possible online.
  • A marketing strategy that is effective, simple, authentic and connective.

Business Coach

  • No longer just working IN your business. Also working ON your business.
  • More time & more profit, because you take dedicated action towards scaling your business, intune with the longings of your heart.
  • You work practically and strategically towards your milestones, from focus & structure.

A HSP Coach

  • Who shows you how you protect and manage your energy
  • Constructively handle perfectionism & imposter syndrom
  • Who learns you how to validate yourself (in your pricing, offers and sales), also receiving instead of only giving

Inner child & trauma healing

  • Clean inner blockages & strengthen your mindset. Compassionate & decisive, you’ll leave behind limiting beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you.
  • The creative, discovering, trusting part in you gets more space again.
  • You feel more courageous to take ownership of your future.
    Trusting that you are good enough.
    So that you consistently show up for your dreams, yourself and your company.
    So that you lead your business the way YOU want it to be run.

Introducing: 6 months business coaching

    Specifically for highly sensitive persons who want to scale their business, while gaining more time and be at balance with themselves

    How does it work?

    We see each other about every 4 weeks, for a 2h session.
    This provides us time, space and safety to work with deeper inner and outer processes.

    You will receive my personal email so you can tune in on your topic if needed.

    In this way we work during 6 sessions on your personal business cases, goals and milestones.

    Client’s results:

    Launch succesfully

    Take decisive steps towards +10k/months.

    Automatize & delegate

    Efficiënt planmatig werken introduceren & eigen maken

    Sales X3

    Tripple their income during webinar

    While staying true to yourself, your ambitions ànd your energy

    How do you move forward from here?

    That’s entirely up to you.
    You can keep doing it on your own,
    you can book a free Discovery call.
    It will save you a lot of time, husstling & puffing.
    You’ll take structured steps toward more freedom and more sales.

    What does your heart say? 

    (I only take on a few new clients a month. So don’t wait too long to pick your moment)

    New spots available in April

    Achieve your financial goals
    and complete milestones,
    from focus and structure.

    Client testimonials

    Veerle as a coach holds the process well and lovingly; the way she “latches on” to action and tries to install it as soon as possible is super.

    Her meditation visualization exercises are top notch, really her strength.

    I experienced peace and trust, which made me surrender to entrust the process to her.

    Chris, Career Counseler

    Without the coaching I would have kept on keeping myself small, taking into account too much what others say/think, which would have prevented me from doing my own thing : Expressing what I really want to put into the world.

    I now stand more firmly for myself. I can make independent decisions. 

    To someone struggling with the same problem I would say that there are possibilities to disconnect. And that a few sessions can bring about a big shift.

    Sophia, Pharmacist

    If I hadn’t started the coaching program with Veerle I would have continued to doubt and maybe even stopped my business because it was costing me so much energy.

    Now I feel a flow again, I am more satisfied with myself and I have more drive.

    I have updated my Facebook and LinkedIn page and am getting more connection requests.

    Annick, Career Counseler & Mindfulness Trainer


    I've tried so many things already. Why would this help?

    Breakthrough coaching focuses not only on the level of behavior but also on the level of beliefs, mission and identity.
    We therefore also create breakthroughs on the deeper, subconscious processes that influence your behavior.

    We go for impact and results.

    At the end of each session we make a concrete action plan together. This allows you to turn the insights you have gained into success experiences.

    I guess it takes a lot of time, doesn't it?

    Not really. We can create breakthroughs in a short period of time, through the structure of the session and the combination of proven tools.
    In just a few sessions, you can create a shift.

    Read the detailed testimony of Sophia, a pharmacist with big dreams, here.
    Sustainable, gentle and decisive. Step by step towards more self-confidence and personal leadership.

    During a session we work together for 2 hours on your topic.
    This offers space and safety to work with deeper processes.

    Where does the coaching take place?

    The coaching is online. No travel time, traffic jams, parking fees or circulation plan.

    We connect our screens via zoom so we can see each other. Then you are coached while you are in a location that feels safe and secure for you.
    Can be in your power outfit, can even be in your pajamas 😉

    Again and again I hear that people appreciate that they can be coached from home, even if they had some doubts at the beginning of the coaching.

    What is the investment?

    Count on 2 hours per session.
    That way we can first land and tune in together, and then we can go in depth and work in a very concrete way.

    The investment for 6 Breakthrough Sessions is 2997 euro (excl. VAT).
    The follow-up and frequency are completely up to you.
    With most clients, we see each other about every 4 weeks with an occasional consultation in between, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

    What's your method; how do you work?

    We always meet first in a free Discovery Call. There you can express your questions and expectations, and I can get to know your needs. This way we can determine if I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me.
    Afterwards we decide if we will continue working together.

    I am an expert in facilitating the growth process, and you are the expert of your life.
    In our coachings we enter into a partnership. We set goals, align with them regularly, discuss what you would like to achieve and what is still holding you back. A combination of tuning in & aligned action.

    A session takes about 2 hours. This allows us to land quietly, connect with each other, and then work in depth.
    We go beyond just cognitive coaching.

    I have been fortunate to learn from the best at home and abroad. That means I have quite a bit of experience and tools in my coaching backpack. Every year I attend more in-depth trainings to continue to grow and support my clients optimally.

    Every person is unique. Every coaching session is unique.
    I tune into you beforehand and also engage in dialogue with you about where you can take steps.

    Some tools I often use are:

    • Connective Leadership, Marketing & Communications… My passion. And often your path between where you are now and where you would like to be.
    • Meditation, because it allows you to sink deeper into yourself and speak and act more from your core.
    • Systemic constellations, help you to understand an issue in a broader context. With few words you discover the essence of what really matters.
    • Bodybased trauma work, because much wisdom is stored in your body, and your body is often the portal to deeper healing, insight and direction.
    • Heartfulness allows results to be celebrated and success experiences to be appreciated, so that self-confidence can grow. It also creates a solid foundation take on challenges and growth opportunities.

      I'm still doubting whether this is for me. Can I have a chat with you in person?

      Sure, sign up here for a free Discovery Call. You can do this easily via Calendly.

      This first call is free of charge and without obligation.
      We can get to know eachother, discuss your goals and desires. I tell you how I can support you with that and answer your questions.

      Afterwards you decide if it feels right and if you want to continue with me as your coach.

      Will you and I be working together on your growth soon?

      Let’s chat 30 minutes via zoom


      I suspect you are a “missionista”.
      A coach or creative entrepreneur.
      A girl / woman / man on a mission.

      And you want to live that mission more.

      I help you translate that vision and mission into a smart marketing plan and a successful business.

      If you want you and I to work together you just need to do one more little thing.
      Pour yourself a chai latte and
      book your free dicovery call 👇

      Let’s be friends

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