Create your marketing strategy

Authentic, connecting & soul aligned


so that you can grow your self confidence,
attract the clients that are meant to work with you
AND consistently make money!

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Do you feel

Fear of making yourself visible

You are afraid of being “too much” or just “not enough.”
Because… “Who am I to do this?” and/or “What will people say?”

Insufficient knowledge of marketing

You want marketing with soul. Free of hollow words. Authentic, connecting & efficient.
But how?

Perfectionism keeps you stuck

Hours, days, months pass by without posting anything.
You’re tired of this time-wasting!
You want to move forward.

Please behavior to your clients

because they were among the first to say “yes” to you, even though they’re now paying below your value?


by all that is possible online and “what you should be doing” according to the many webinars and free content you follow?

Financial insecurity

You find it difficult to set your price. You’re affraid to sell or don’t know how. It keeps you making ends meet month-to-month, just enough or not enough.

There is another way

Elegant self-confidence

Making yourself visible on social media of your choice, with grace,  creativity and authenticity

Taking strategic steps

Build an online and offline relationship of trust with your ideal customers and followers

Authentic content

Grow on social media, host webinars, sell your offerings and increase your income

Healthy Boundaries

so you can get more connected to your own needs, the wisdom of your body and your natural flow

Show up consistently

for your dreams, yourself and your business, so you can run your business the way YOU want it to be run.

Financial Independence

Setting your price so that you can pay your expenses and still have fun.
Learn to sell
while staying true to yourself, your ambitions and your energy.

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP),
chances are that how you were told you “should” do marketing,
isn’t working for you.

You don’t have to be a shark for online success

Hey entrepreneur with a beautiful mission,


I noticed that many highly-sensitivity entrepreneurs have a beautiful mission but get stuck in their marketing.
👉 Sometimes because they don’t know HOW to handle it,
👉 Sometimes because of INNER BLOCKAGES.

Some marketing & sales techniques drain motivation and creativity rather than stimulating it.
They feel too complex or too much like pushing and too little like authentically connecting.

Then it becomes difficult to follow your own voice. It can make you feeling overwhelmed and end up frozen, even though you really want to move forward.

In this online group coaching program, we go for
authenticity, simplicity and connection in your marketing.

You create your ideal time and energy management,
in which you as a high-sensitive entrepreneur can flourish and grow. 

You grow your self confidence, make yourself visible
so you attract the clients that are meant to work with you.

You build trust online and start making money sustainably,
in a way that feels right to you.

Introducing: Highly Sensitive & Successful

    A 6 month online business coaching program in group, for HSP’s

    How it works?

    Every week a new module is released, during 6 months, with regularly an integration week in between.
    These online modules with inspiring videos and action-oriented assignments you can follow at your own pace, from home (2 years access).

    + Monthly coach calls in group to make sure you stay on track (6 months access).
    You can ask questions or submit cases.

    Hoogsensitief & succesvol - online business coaching voor hoogsensitieve ondernemers, authentieke marketing, groei in zelfvertrouwen, online zichtbaarheid en duurzaam geld verdienen. Met Veerle Vandeput, HSP coach & business mentor

    There was so much I was trying and online courses I was taking and I would stick with those tips for a while and then I would let it blow over again. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees anymore.
    In fact, I had been struggling for 5 years with “how can I keep my authenticity?” so that I can get energy from my work.

    If I hadn’t started the coaching program with Veerle I would have kept doubting and maybe even quit my business because it was costing me so much energy.

    Now I sparkle more and am more satisfied with myself. I am more content with how I approach things, see and feel a flow again, have more drive.

    I’ve changed my Facebook and LinkedIn page and get more connection requests.

    I experience Veerle as deep and refreshing.  The ideal combination of calm and gentleness with humor and sparkle, of deep empathy with decisiveness and expertise.
    She feels very well what you need, where your pain points and growth potential lie.

    Do not keep yourself stuck with this, do not think you can handle this yourself as a coach but find a coach like Veerle. You don’t know what is possible when you do this 😊


    Career Counsel & Mindfulness Trainer - The Keystone

    Gratis marketing downloads en inspiratie voor startende ondernemers

    Why this online business coaching program
    is exactly what you need?

    You want to inspire, from inner peace. Perhaps from your higher purpose.
    Truly connect, heart to heart.
    And most important of all, you want the things you do to feel right for you.

    15+ modules for a decisive overall approach:

    Entrepreneurship as an HSP

    The importance of your ideal flow agenda, valuing yourself and energy management.

    Your authentic identity as a highly sensitive entrepreneur

    With which you distinguish yourself in a field where many other players are already active.

    Your ideal client

    To whom your energy says “YES” to

    Soul-aligned personal branding

    Market yourself authentically, strongly and refreshingly.

    Online & offline offer

    Create your offerings based on value, joy & profit. Low, middle, end.

    Self-confidence, self-love, self-care

    A loving relationship with yourself and your body, for lasting success, free from self-sabotage. 

    Copywriting & Storytelling

    Engaging and touching writing from your core, inspiring from heart to heart.

    Grow on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn

    Discover how to use social media to attract and convert more ideal customers.
    (Including successfully advertising on Facebook)

    Build a smart marketing plan

    From clarity and focus. No longer overwhelmed by all that is possible online.

    Mindset audit for success

    So that even in challenging phases you create, notice and fulfill opportunities.

    Content consistency

    Content pillars and video, audio and webinars that inspire your ideal customers.

    Your converting website

    so that the visitors of your website feel so appealed to that they will proceed to purchase.

    Connecting sales & lead generation

    so you attract more ideal clients, who also say YES and you start earning consistently good money.

    Online (Z)entrepreneurship

    Build your business online and location free, instead of just 1 on 1 services.
    I share the systems and software that bring you passive income flow and virtuous rest.

    Highly Sensitive & Successful

    Your success environment & network as an HSP, in which you can flourish as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.

    Monthly coach calls

    Each month a coaching call in group where you can tune in your questions and present cases, so you can stay on track and maintain focus.

    The ideal balance between gaining new knowledge & implementing your marketing actions

    I show you the steps you can take,
    together we create the space and insights
    so you can create and execute your unique business & marketing plan.

    You have a business coach on your side with
    years of marketing experience who
    understands your strengths and challenges as a
    highly-sensitive entrepreneur.

    Gentle & decisive

    Mindfulness Meditatie Marketing Creatie - Veerle Vandeput

    As a highly sensitive entrepreneur, I have gradually discovered that marketing can also be done in a non-shouting manner, without inflating and creating false perceptions.

    Truly connecting, from authenticity, vulnerability and integrity.

    I learned to combine both “being” and “doing”,
    yin & yang, spirituality & strategy, meditation & marketing,
    both tuning in and taking aligned action.

    That is where the magic happens. 
    That’s how you get to marketing that works for you.

    I know it can be done.
    And I’m happy to teach you how.

    “I really wanted my marketing to run more smoothly. It often felt too much like an ‘obligation’ or a struggle.
    I lost too much time to write a post, doubted whether it was good enough.

    By working with Veerle I feel more confidence, more peace, more courage when I’m ‘doing marketing’. And I’m starting to like it more and more.
    I think it’s great that I’m having more and more fun with marketing, that I get out of the moments when it doesn’t flow more quickly, that I also dare to ‘give in’ to those less inspiring moments so I don’t block so much.

    If I hadn’t entered into this collaboration, I would have missed out on all the fun and growth moments that I have already experienced 😊. Would be a real shame…

    I feel comfortable with Veerle and I am convinced of her expertise. I find her way of marketing very inspiring (walk your talk).

    She has a unique mix: content expertise, HSP, breakthrough coach.
    Open minded, non judging, involved, someone you can be yourself with, top coach.

    To someone struggling with the same problem I would say that I recognize it very well, that it’s nothing to be ashamed of (which I sometimes did) and that I am very happy that I took the step to be guided by Veerle to get more ease and fun in my marketing.”


    Structure & Accountability Coach

    It’s who you are deep down that’s going to make your marketing successful. 
    It comes down to giving a voice to the ambitious entrepreneur in you,
    and making the voices from your past sound less loud.


    Who is the program for?


    The program is not for you if you...

    • Don’t know yet what you want with your business. I like to communicate this clearly.
      This program is super valuable for people who know what they want and want to take control of their marketing.
      If you do not know what you want you better first follow another program that clarifies that for you. Afterwards I will gladly help you further with your marketing.
    • Are convinced that you have nothing to do with meditation and are not willing to open up to it.
      We will use different techniques to connect deeper with yourself, and meditation is a technique I often use for this.
    • Want to outsource your marketing completely.
      This program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to create their own marketing, where their soul lies, that suits them and also gets results.

    The program is IDEAL for you if you...

    • Have been in your business for a while and have already tried a lot. You have already learned a lot. And continue to get stuck in bringing it out.
      Time and again I hear from clients, “I feel so much creativity bubbling up”. “I didn’t know this was possible.” “I’ve suddenly brought out so much this week!”.
      This is possible. For you too 😉 .

    • Just starting out and want to take the right steps.
      The program is intentionally structured in an alternation of intuned and aligned action, to achieve marketing that works for you.

    • No longer want to waste time with marketing techniques that don’t actually suit you.
      “Authentic Marketing” is focused on your way, your pace and brings you to your unique marketing language.

    • You find it difficult to keep clarity and focus in your communication and you have lost the overview.
      I take you step by step through a process, to get to your core and create from there.
      You can choose the option with personal coaching, which allows us to work even more in depth, and you also have someone who keeps you accountable in your marketing action plan.

    • Want to attract the right customers, those customers that give you energy.

    “I was stuck with my marketing plan and wanted to get a boost in this.  I was not getting as much interaction on my posts so less visibility than I wanted.

    I experience working with Veerle as super positive. I feel everything flowing from my heart a lot more now. Every time I write posts I can write from that feeling and it flows so much better and without effort.

    My mission is now super clear, I feel it in the tips of my toes so I experience much more positive energy in my work. It flows naturally.

    I have received a boost in my energy level to get to work on my mission. I can now let it flow even more from my heart which makes it all go much easier. It is now really a combination of heart and head instead of just thinking from the head.

    By varying the type of posts I get more response to certain posts and therefore more views.

    Veerle radiates and you feel the balance that is present. She facilitates you to work from your heart without having to comply with all kinds of rules. You feel your own passion flowing again.”


    Coach in Resilient Leadership

    Quanta costa?

    Online program

    • 15+ online modules for a decisive overall approach
      (2 years access)
    • Monthly group coaching calls to make sure you stay on track
      (6 months access)

    Online program + private coaching

    • 15+ online modules for a decisive overall approach
      (2 years access)
    • Monthly group coaching calls to make sure you stay on track
      (6 months access)
    • 3 private Breakthrough sessions, to tackle your personal cases, blockages, campaigns together….
      (3 x 2h)


    I've tried so many things already. Why would this help?

    In addition to the online modules, we can also work together in person and in groups.
    This allows us to also look at your deeper, subconscious processes that influence your behavior, which until now kept you small.

    At the end of each session we make a concrete action plan together. This way you can start turning the insights you have gained into success experiences.

    No more sitting back and doubting. You do take steps, create and manifest yourself because you are really going to tackle your marketing. At each subsequent session we also look at what is already going well and what can be improved.

    So that you can consistently earn good money with your dream project, in a way that is in alignment with yourself, in a way that feels pure to you.

    I guess it takes a lot of time, doesn't it?

    The structure of the program makes you take the right practical steps, so that you can take decisive action.
    No more wasting time.
    You will select the tools that work for you.
    From clarity and focus, no longer overwhelmed by all that is possible online. 

    What is your mission worth to you? 1 hour a day, 1 hour a week?
    I recommend spending at least 2 hours per week on the program and its elaboration, and preferably more.
    The program requires dedication on your part. The more time you invest in it, the more growth.
    You will get more results with 1 hour every day, than with 2 hours every week.
    You are going to tackle your marketing, you are going to take control of your growth.

    Because of the group coaching calls we have in between, you have someone who keeps you accountable.

    Where do the sessions take place?

    The coaching sessions run online, via zoom. No travel time, traffic jams, displacement, parking fees or circulation plan. We connect our screens so we can see each other.

    Again and again I hear that people appreciate that they can be coached from home, even if they had some doubts at the beginning of a program.

    You follow the online program at your own pace, from a location that feels safe and familiar to you.
    Can be in your power outfit, can also be in your pajamas 😉


    What is the investment?

    You can join the online program for 1997 euros, excluding VAT.

    🎁 Group coaching calls for 6 months,
    ✨ Online modules available for 2 years.

    1️⃣ Entrepreneurship as an HSP

    2️⃣ Your authentic identity as a high-sensitivity entrepreneur

    3️⃣ Soul-aligned personal branding

    4️⃣ Your online & offline offerings

    5️⃣ Self-love, self-care and self-confidence

    6️⃣ Copywriting & storytelling

    7️⃣ Growth on social media

    8️⃣ Build a smart communication plan

    9️⃣ Mindset audit for success

    1️⃣0️⃣ Commit to content consistency

    1️⃣1️⃣ Build your converting website

    1️⃣2️⃣ Connecting sales & lead generation

    1️⃣3️⃣ Online (Z)entrepreneurship

    1️⃣4️⃣ Highly Sensitive & Successful

    (+ monthly coaching calls in group)

    ✅ 1997 euros for your healthy and smoothly running online business.

    Is there also private coaching included?

    During the online program, you will be guided by me through videos and assignments in the online learning environment.
    In addition, 6 coaching calls in group are included. This means that during 6 months, we will meet 1x/month via Zoom. This way you can also learn from and network with the other highly sensitive entrepreneurs.

    You can follow the online program + 3 private Breakthrough Coaching Sessions (2h each) at 2997 euro (excl. VAT).
    (Only 5 places)

    Then we work one on one.
    You can present a specific case or we work in depth on solving your personal blockages.

    Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, a payment plan is possible. 
    Then you pay in 6 times 355 euros (excl. VAT),
    Each month you will receive a new invoice for this amount, for 6 consecutive months.

    How does it run practically?

    After your registration you will receive a payment order. Once this is completed you will be a participant in the online coaching program.

    Each week new content is released, with video coaching, meditations, actionable assignments…. The program is composed of both tuning in, and aligned action. Both gaining knowledge, and practically executing and fine-tuning your marketing. Step by step and yet clearly goal-oriented.

    1x/month you can participate in a coaching call in group (via zoom), during 6 months. I’ll answer your questions, and we can look at specific cases in detail. That way, you’ll stay on track.
    You can review the recording of the group coaching sessions in the online learning platform afterwards.

    The content of the online program will remain available to you for 2 years.

    We work online, and yet very personally. The feedback I have already received on this is extremely positive. Do not let this stop you. Working online on yourself, your marketing and your business, gives you a lot of opportunities!

    Can I participate even if I am not sure if I am highly sensitive?

    Yes 🙂
    The program is exactly what you need if you:

    • No longer want to waste time with marketing techniques that don’t really suit you.
      “Authentic Marketing” is focused on your way, your pace and brings you to your unique marketing language. So you can create marketing from your authenticity; marketing where your soul lies.
    • Are blocked in consistently posting online.
      Time and again I hear from clients, “I feel so much creativity bubbling up”. “I didn’t know this was possible.” “All of a sudden I’ve brought out so much this week!”.
      This is possible. Also for you 😉
    • Want to strategically take the right steps towards an online marketing strategy that works for you.
      The program is deliberately built with an alternation of intune (meditation) and aligned action, to achieve a marketing that works for you. I take you step by step through a process, to get to your core, from there create and bring out.
      You can choose the option with personal coaching, which allows us to work even more in depth, and you also have someone who keeps you accountable in your marketing action plan.
    • Want to attract the right customers, the ones that energize you.
    • Want to build a healthy and smoothly running online business.
    • Are open to work on your growth in a community of great highly sensitive entrepreneurs.

      I still have a little doubt, can I chat with you personally?

      Sure. Sign up for a free Discovery Call here.

      We can discuss your questions and expectations via zoom. And this way you also get to know my voice and style.

      This first call is free of charge and without obligation. We discuss in what areas you would like to develop. I tell you how I can support you and answer your questions.
      Afterwards you decide whether you want to participate.

      Do not hesitate any longer. Rise up, Love!

      How to proceed?

      I suspect you are a missionista.
      A girl / woman / man on a mission.

      And you want to live that mission more.

      I help you translate your mission into an authentic and connecting marketing strategy,
      so you touch hearts on social media,
      and you make a good living in the meantime.

      If you want you and me to work together, there’s just one little thing left to do.
      Pour yourself a drink and
      book your free dicovery call 👇

      Social Media

      Blijf je graag op de hoogte van nieuwe meditaties, toekomstige events enz.?

      Let’s keep in touch!