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Embracing my high sensitivity

For a long time I numbed my sensitivity and pushed it away. Since embracing my high sensitivity I am experiencing more and more benefits 💖
As a coach it brings me stronger perception and empathy.
As a mentor I easily facilitate trust and safety.
As a marketer I can pick up and pass on creative messages that positively touch and inspire others.

My sensitivity gives me strong intuition, speed of thought, and depth of feeling. I wouldn’t want to be without it anymore!

Reizen en spiritualiteit Joe Dispenza Advanced Week - Doorbraakcoach Gent

Rise up, Love!

Through “Rise up, Love!” I combine my expertise in marketing and communications with my passion for meditation and personal development.


Specifically for (highly) sensitive and heart centered entrepreneurs. 

Why? Because I notice that they struggle extra with marketing.
While they have such a beautiful mission.


I calm your nervous system, help you clear blockages and release trauma,
so you consistently show up for yourself and your business, and start leading in a way that feels right for you.

Authentic & soul aligned.

From Corporate Communications to entrepreneurship

I worked in the corporate world for many years. From marketing for media to communications for an international SAP Consulting company.

A spicy burnout made me slow down. From a deep inner transformation process I felt I wanted to contribute in a different way. 

So I took the leap and started working for myself.  I got inspired by experts at home and abroad and absorbed the lessons of entrepreneurship.

About Veerle Vandeput - Belang van angst overstijgen

The importance & satisfaction of transcending fear

As part of Spirit Junkie Masterclass level II in New York, I gave a public speech to Gabrielle Bernstein and 116 other women. Terribly exciting but I rose to the challenge.
Afterwards Gabby said it was “amazing” and “so poetic”. 😉

The experience changed my life. I discovered even more the importance and satisfaction of transcending fear.

(Click here if you want to read the speech.)

Mindfulness Meditatie Marketing Creatie - Veerle Vandeput

Business Bohemian

Like a true business bohemian ✌️💕, I love to contribute to a world full of sustainability, authenticity, connection, equality, deeper meaning, and love. 

Money is not a dirty thing to me. It’s a consequence rather than a goal, and a tool that enables many things: freedom, further investment in growth, doing even more good for others…

Using online programs, personal & business coaching,
I help you shape your mission and online brand,
so you can touch hearts on social media and beyond,
and in the meantime easily earn a living.

I like to go deep

My coaching style goes beyond cognitive coaching.

If you like to stay on the surface we are not a good match.
Let’s take a leap & dive deep.


Yin & Yang.
Spiritual & strategic.
Meditation & marketing creation.
Tuning in & aligned action.


Trainings and certifications


  • Online Entrepreneurship (FastForwardAmy, Simone Levie)
  • 10K Accelerator: Sabrina Philipp
  • BodyBased Traumawork (Year program Andrea Wandel)
  • Breakthrough Coach (Els Van Laecke): Year program Transactional analysis, systemic constellations, NLP, and bodybased traumawork
  • Non-Violent Communication (2 years Blabla Communications)
  • Mindfulness Trainer (I AM Institute voor Attention & Mindfulness)
  • One Consciousness Trainer (O&O Academy – certified trainer)
  • Corporate Communications (GroepT Hogeschool)

Other workshops


  • The Copy Cure: Marie Forleo (Copywriting)
  • Online Marketing: Eelco De Boer, Ninke van der Leck
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced weeks
    (A higher love, Dubai & The new normal, Mallorca)
  • Leadership embodiment (Anouk Brack)
  • 10 days Vipassana retraite (S.N. Goenkaji)
  • Heartfulness, Heart meditationCompasion  
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level I & II (Gabrielle Bernstein)
  • Conscious Creator (I & II) & Change Maker (I & II) (O&O Academy)
  • HSP Workshops (Open Mind)


Gratis Online Video Training Hoogsensitief Ondernemen

Free 4 days videotraining

Highly sensitive entrepreneurship & authentic marketing

Hoogsensitief ondernemen - Hoogsensitief en succesvol - Online Business Coaching Traject voor HSP's

Highly Sensitive & Succesful

Online Business Coaching for highly sensitive entrepreneurs

Breakthrough Coach Gent - Veerle Vandeput - meditatie en communicatie

1:1 coaching & mentoring

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching for impactful entrepreneurship

And now I’m curious about you! 🙂

I suspect you are a “missionista” yourself.
A girl / woman / man on a mission.

And you want to live that mission more.

A coach or creative entrepreneur.
Whether or not with crystals in your bra and a green juice in hand 😉 .
Definetly a warm personality with an ambitious vision.

I help you translate that vision and mission into a smart marketing plan and a successful business.

If you want you and I to work together you just need to do one more little thing.
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